Osborne Jewellers 1914

A. E. Osborne and Sons – 1914

Jewellery has long been a family tradition for the Osborne Family – generations before Alex have been well known for their talents as Jewellers and traditional Pawnbrokers.

A. E Osborne and Sons was originally established in 1914 as a traditional Pawn Brokers shop at 83 Sheep Street Northampton. The shop was opened by Alex’s Great Grandfather Albert Edward Osborne. In those days traditional pawn broking consisted of mostly clothing, bedding, shoes and small amounts jewellery, mostly wedding rings.

After the Second World War Albert’s sons Reginald (Alex’s grandfather) and Eric joined the business and moved it to 1 Regents Square, opposite Sheep Street. At this point Osborne’s took on the more prominent role of a Jeweller. Along with Pawn Broking they offered services such as jewellery repair, watch repair and sales. Osbornes became commonly known within the area as a trusted local jeweler, where many people now remember purchasing pieces of jewellery and even having their ears pierced.

In 1974 Reg’s eldest son Anthony Osborne followed in his fathers footsteps and joined the company following spending 4 years working and training with a London based jewellery pawn broker that later became part of the Harvey and Thompson group. Anthony (Alex’s father worked at Osbornes gaining years of knowledge within the jewellery trade. In 1980 Anothony became successor to his father and uncle and took over the business. Anthony concentrated the shop to a purely jewellery focused business, maintaining and building upon Osborne’s excellent reputation around Northampton for good value and honesty. As trust and reputation grew for the company so did its growing pledge book.

The Osborne business continued for successfully for many years to come and in 1998 along with its extensive pledge book it was sold.

Osborne Jewellers Regent Street

Osborne Jewellers – Regent Street – post War

Until recent years when the great grandchild of the original Osbornes decided to spark the family s tradition within jewellery up again, this time with new twist of actually designing and making his own jewellery.

Osborne Jewellers Newspaper Advert

Osborne Jewellers Newspaper Advert